Acclaimed Technology for Case Management and Client Reporting

Pearl Law Group’s clients are kept fully apprised of developments in their cases through ImmigrationTracker™ (“Tracker”), our firm’s technological solution. While Julie Pearl co-founded and still chairs Tracker Corp, the system is now used by more than 75% of top immigration law firms who buy case management software (according to IndUS Business Journal and American Lawyer Media), as well as many Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals and universities.

Tracker effectively automates the routine processes, from form-filling and workflow mapping to expiration reminders and report generation. Our legal staff and corporate HR partners have more time for strategic planning and quality assurance checks because the system slashes data entry time through intelligent questionnaires, templates and synching with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, HR information systems, certain billing and CRM programs, plus the online systems of the relevant agencies (USCIS, DOL and DOS). To help us stay on track, Tracker prompts the responsible Pearl staff member at specified stages to notify HR and employees to take whatever actions are necessary to move the case along quickly.

Our easy-to-use, customizable, and secure web interface lets employees view detailed data about their cases, including actions, deadlines, documents received and needed, case notes, and more. Though we automatically send emails once key case milestones are reached—such as case filed, received by government, approved, etc.—employees and HR representatives also have 24/7 access to their full case status. Tracker’s built-in immigration workflow steps provide unmatched levels of detail for communicating promptly with clients.

Without charge, HR and other employer representatives can perform many time-saving tasks and management functions, including tracking internal functions (I-9 reminders, LCA postings, relocation-related items) and running reports via the industry’s most flexible online reporting system.

We also help U.S. employers streamline their employment eligibility process with Tracker I-9, the software that auto-flags most I-9 errors, saves time and syncs fully with the federal E-Verify system.