Global Work/Visitor Permit Inquiry Form
for Pearl Law Group Corporate Clients

Going Overseas for Work?
Do you need a work permit or a business visa? If so, how do you get one?
We Can Answer Your Questions
So that we can evaluate your needs and help you obtain any required visa or permit, please complete our short inquiry form.
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  First Name
  Last Name
  Company Name
  Email Address
  Destination Country
  Country of Current Residence
  Country of Citizenship
  Other Citizenship (if any)
  Number of days you expect to spend during this trip in the destination country? Days
  Number of days you have already spent in the destination country this calendar year? Days
  Total number of additional days you expect to spend this calendar year in the destination country? Days
  What will you be doing in the destination country (check all that apply)?
  Meet with new or prospective client(s) Provide technical assistance, software development, management consulting or project management
  Meet with existing client(s) Manage local staff in the destination country
  Attend conferences, seminars, trade fairs
as an attendee
Provide training and skills development of local employees
in the destination country
  Attend training courses as a trainee Charge a customer in the destination country for services you will provide there
  Arrange deals, sales or negotiating contracts Generate revenue for your current employer
during your stay
  Receive compensation from the host company Sign an employment contract/letter of assignment with a business entity in the destination country
The Global Inquiry Form is designed to collect basic information about your travel for PLG to evaluate your documentation needs. Please do not make final travel decisions based on the questions listed on the Global Inquiry Form. A member of the PLG team will contact you soon for further discussion.
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