Agreement Signed with Belarus on Mutual Recognition of Visas

June 29, 2020 | Russia

Russia and Belarus have signed an agreement stating that each country will recognize and accept for entry the visas of the other country. 

Specifically, holders of Russian visas may use their visa to enter Belarus and may stay in Belarus for the validity period of the Russian visa (and vice versa). However, holders of work visas may only conduct work activities in the country that issued the work visa, and holders of student visas may only study in the country that issued the student visa.  

Holders of a Russian temporary residence permit (TRP) or permanent residence permit (PRP) may enter, remain in and exit Belarus with the TRP or PRP, without any additional documents issued by Belarus (and vice versa). The agreement does not specify a stay limit in the other country under these permits; however, holders of these permits issued by one country will not be permitted to reside or work in the other country.  

Foreign nationals can enter Russia and Belarus visa-free for a specific term based on international agreements in place with the foreign national’s citizenship country that permit this. If the agreements do not specify stay limits, each country will determine the stay permitted. 

Address registration will be required in each country according to its legislation. Registration in one country will not carry over to the other. 

The agreement introduces a new “document for attending an international event”, which will permit entry into both countries for the duration of a particular sporting, cultural or other type of event. 

Note that the total stay limit across both countries will be counted from the date the foreign national first enters one of the countries from a third country.