Deadline Extended for Registration on Ministry of Labor Online System (RUTEC)

March 5, 2019 | Colombia

As previously reported, Colombian employers must now register all of their foreign national workers on the Ministry of Labor’s online system, RUTEC, introduced on October 9, 2018.

Initially, employers were given 120 days from that date to register their existing workers. The registration deadline has now been extended to March 8, 2019. The extended deadline is due in part to technical problems with the new system that have caused registration delays.

As a reminder, employers must register new foreign workers within 120 days of employment contract signing. Registration lasts for the duration of the employment contract. Changes to the contract must be reported within 30 calendar days of the change.

Penalties for violations of the requirement range from one to five thousand minimum legal monthly salaries (currently COP 781,242, approximately USD 245).

RUTEC does not replace Migración Colombia’s existing Information System for the Report of Foreigners (“SIRE”). Companies and foreign nationals in Colombia must now register with both systems to avoid penalties. RUTEC enables the Ministry of Labor to monitor foreign national compliance with labor laws and represents the engagement of additional government entities in the immigration process.