New Document Requirements for Long-Term Visa Extension and Renewal Applications

November 5, 2019 | Thailand

The One Stop Service Center (OSSC) and the Immigration Bureau in Chaengwattana are now requiring the submission of various original receipts and tax documents from both the foreign national and the employer as part of applications for long-term visa extension and renewal. 

More specifically, the following are required:

  • Original tax documents including, but not limited to, the employer’s salary withholding tax receipts for all employees; income tax returns from the employee and the foreign national; and tax filing receipts from online filing or in-person filing with the Revenue Department (yellow receipt).
  • Original receipts for Ministry of Commerce document certification fees, including, but not limited to, receipts for fees paid for the company affidavit and shareholders list.
  • Original receipts for Revenue Department tax certification fees, including receipts for fees paid for certified copies of the employer’s monthly salary withholding tax and VAT return, and for certified copies of the latest income tax returns for the employer and the foreign national. 

Employers are advised to keep the above receipts and other documents and make them available to employees applying to renew or extend their long-term visas at the OSSC or Immigration Bureau in Chaengwattana. Foreign national applicants are advised to gather the required documents from their tax records and from their employer for their visa appointment. Please contact your immigration professional for Thailand for the latest complete list of required documents.