New Features and Charges at the MYXpats Centre

May 9, 2019 | Malaysia

Starting June 2st, the MYXpats Centre will implement new features and charges for skilles expat Employment Pass and Professional Visit Pass applications submitted through the Expatriate Services Division. Any Malaysian company that submits through the Expatriates Services Dision will be impacted.

Features that are being implemented by the MYXpats Centre are as follows:

  1. Immigration fee can be paid via the Online Payment (Internet Banking, Credit or Debit Card) on the MYXpats Portal.
  2. Transfer of Endorsement and Cancellation of Passes applications could be submitted via the MYXpats Portal.
  3. Implementation of the MYHelp System for online support chat between companies and the MYXpats Centre’s Helpdesk officers.
  4. File sizes up to 20Mb can be uploaded in the MYXpats Portal for each of the attachments.
  5. MYXpats Centre will establish a Kiosk station facility and branches in Penang and Johor.
  6. MYXpats Centre is aiming to improve the customer online experience by improving features on the portal and the existing process.
  7. Issuance of a simplified handbook on top of the detailed version of the MYXpats Guidebook.

As a final note, MYXpats will be refunded 60% of the Application charges for rejected applications. This is subjected to the MYXpats Centers Terms and Conditions. The amount stated above is excluding the immigration service fees.