New Immigration Changes

May 9, 2019 | Chile

The following are recent changes made by Immigration officials in Chile:

  1. The Migration Department of Chile will now allow Venezuelan nationals holding expired passport or identity cards to enter and settle in Chile. For the documents to be accepted, they must have been issued after 2013 and will be considered valid for two years (April 18th, 2019- April 18, 2021).
  2. Chilean authorities now allow tourists whose visas have expired to apply for residence to exit and reenter Chile. In order to do so, the applicant will need to present the courier delivery receipt for the residence application if they have yet to receive a proof of visa processing.
  3. Work permit renewals are now possible if a renewal application appointment has been requested prior to the expiration date; including if the appointment has not taken place before the work permit expiry date.
  4. A new online application for permanent residencies being tested. The pilot is only available in certain areas of Chile. Applicants through this route.