New In-Country Visa Application Process Lengthens Processing Times

February 26, 2019 | Colombia

Applicants for a new or renewed Business Visa, Migrant Visa, Resident Visa or Visitor Visa in Colombia are now subject to a new process. The new process carries longer processing times, so applicants will need to begin their processes earlier than previously. Those filing consular visa applications are not impacted by this change.

New Process

The new process for visa applications within Colombia is as follows:

  1. The foreign national submits a visa application via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Processing takes five business days, so the application should be submitted at least seven business days before the applicant arrives in Colombia.
  2. Once the visa application is approved, the foreign national sets an appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the visa stamp and with Migracion Colombia to register the visa. The wait to obtain the stamp from the approval date is five to eight business days. Previously, the foreign national could schedule a visa application appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and obtain the visa directly at the appointment—there was no online application.
  3. Once the foreign national has obtained and registered the visa, he/she must apply for a national identification card. The overall wait to obtain the card will be longer given the longer preceding process steps.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs created this new process to provide immigration officers additional time to process applications, thus reducing their daily workload.