New Spousal Work Visa Application Requirements for Hi-Tech Visa Holders

October 9, 2019 | Israel

The Work Permit Unit of the Ministry of Interior has confirmed new requirements for obtaining a B-1 general work visa for the spouse of a HiTech (HIT) visa holder. The following requirements apply:

HIT visa applicants must file the spouse’s B-1 work visa application with the HIT visa application.
An affidavit confirming the marriage must be submitted with the applications. The affidavit must be signed before an Israeli lawyer or, if signed outside Israel, must be signed and legalized in front of an Israeli consular officer or a notary and apostilled.
Once in Israel, the HIT visa applicant and their spouse must collect the spouse’s work visa in person at the Ministry of Interior.

Previously, a spousal work permit application was not required. Instead, the HIT visa applicant simply presented both passports, their own and their spouse’s, to secure the spousal work permit.

There is still no prevailing wage requirement and no job offer required for the B-1 spousal work visa.