Online Platform for Work Contract Registrations Upcoming

October 16, 2018 | Peru

The Ministry of Labor plans to introduce an online platform for submitting work contract registrations in the next few months. A work contract registration is part of the Resident Work Visa process. The use of the new platform should result in reduced overall processing times: work contracts will be approved in less time under the streamlined system, and a reduction in document requirements will mean less time needed to gather documents.

The new process will include the following steps:

  • Submit the work contract executed by both parties and the required signed declaration from the company via the online platform;
  • Pay the required fee online; and
  • Receive instant Ministry of Labor approval, which must be submitted with the Resident Work Visa application.

Note that work contract approval can be cancelled if the Ministry of Labor ultimately finds inaccurate information in the documents submitted. The Ministry of Labor reserves the right to solicit further documentation during a company audit.