Permanent Residence Card More Widely Available

August 28, 2019 | Poland

Citizens of any country who can prove they are of Polish origin and proficient in Polish may now apply for the Karta Polaka permanent residence card. Previously, only nationals of some parts of Russia qualified for the card. The change is intended to draw foreign nationals to Poland to help address a shortage of local workers in Poland’s growing economy.

To apply, the foreign national submits an application to a Polish consulate in their country of citizenship or residence. The foreign national must submit birth and marriage certificates as evidence of Polish origin. The consular officer will conduct an in-person conversation test to check for proficiency in Polish. The consulate will also conduct a background check. After card issuance, the foreign national must apply to the consulate for a one-year visa to enter Poland.

Card holders who enter Poland are exempt from the minimum stay requirement that normally applies to permanent residence applicants. They are eligible to work and change employers freely.