Presidential Proclamation Suspends Entry of Certain Chinese Nationals

June 1, 2020 | United States of America

Effective June 1, 2020, a Presidential Proclamation signed by President Trump denies entry into the U.S. for Chinese nationals planning to enter the U.S. on a J or F visa or to conduct research.

The proclamation, signed by President Trump on May 29, 2020, denies entry of Chinese nationals seeking to enter the country on an F or J visa for post-graduate study. The proclamation also bars entry for Chinese nationals who are affiliated with any Chinese organization that supports China’s military-civil fusion strategy or has done so in the past. The “military-civil fusion strategy,” as defined in the proclamation, includes actions taken by or at the behest of China to acquire critical and emerging foreign technologies with the intent of advancing China’s military capabilities.

In addition to banning entry for prospective Chinese nationals in these categories, the proclamation may revoke visas for Chinese nationals who are currently in the U.S. with a J or F visa or who otherwise meet criteria established in the proclamation. The proclamation also directs U.S. immigration agencies to review other national immigrant and nonimmigrant programs and provide recommendations within 60 days for implementing other measures to mitigate the risk of China acquiring intellectual property and sensitive technologies from the United States.

Certain Chinese nationals are exempt from the proclamation’s restrictions, including those who are involved in undergraduate studies, conducting research not affiliated with China’s military-civil fusion strategy, or whose entry is in the national interest of the United States.