Residency for Talent Passport Visa Holders

March 27, 2019 | France

Talent Passport applicants who have been issued a three-month D visa will now receive a six-month temporary residence permit.

The temporary residence permit will allow holders to re-enter and exit France without applying for a new visa and to travel within the Schengen area. This is the case for applicants if their three-month D visa has expired before issuance of their initial residence permit has been gained.

In the past, the initial application receipt that application holders carried did not allow for re-entry into France. For those who submit a renewal of their residence permit application, their receipt still allows the individual holder to travel.

The change in receiving a temporary residence permit is only impacting D Visa holders whose visa is valid for three-months. Talent passport holders who are granted stay in France for twelve-months are normally issued VLS-TS D Visa, which allows the holder to reside in France for up to a year without completing a separate residence permit application.

As of now, prefectures in France are still issuing initial application receipts rather than temporary residence permits to holders of a talent passport visa for accompanying family members who submit a residence permit application.