Security Deposit Increases for Most Foreign Nationals

October 9, 2019 | Costa Rica

The Costa Rican General Immigration Directorate (DGME) has released a new list of security deposit amounts for Restricted Entry Visa and initial Temporary or Permanent Residence permit applicants.
Previously, security deposit amounts were capped at USD 300. The new security deposit amounts depend on nationality as before but are no longer capped and range from USD 281 to USD 4,785, a considerable increase for most foreign nationals. The foreign national or the employer must pay the security deposit in cash upon application approval.

The purpose of the security deposit is to cover the costs of repatriation or deportation of the foreign national, should that become necessary, so the government does not have to absorb the cost. The increased amounts are more in line with the actual cost of airline tickets and other expenses related to repatriation or deportation–the DGME found that USD 300 or less was not enough to cover such expenses.
Foreign nationals may request deposit reimbursement upon residence permit cancellation.