Work Permit Quotas to Increase in 2019 Over 2018

October 30, 2018 | Switzerland

Work permit quotas for 2019 have been increased overall.

The quotas apply to long-term B permits and short-term L permits. The quotas are not imposed on companies but rather are nationwide.

The specific quotas are as follows:

Non-EU/EFTA Nationals

  • In 2019, a total of 8500 non-EU/EFTA specialists may be sponsored, up from 8000.
  • 4500 B permits will be available, up from 3500. The additional 1000 permits will be applied to the federal quota instead of to the canton quotas, so the federal government can allocate them to the cantons as needed.
  • 4000 L permits will be available, down from 4500.

EU/EFTA Nationals

There is no change in the quota allocation or numbers for EU/EFTA nationals in 2019 over 2018:

  • 500 long-term B permits will again be available.
  • 3000 short-term L permits will again be available.
  • The permits will again be allocated quarterly directly to the cantons.

L permits will be issued when the B permit quotas are fulfilled. L permits are valid for up to one year initially and after two years can be changed to a B permit. B permits are valid for up to five years and may be extended.