MOM Announces New Process for Work Permit Cancellations

July 28, 2020 | Indonesia

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has issued a new work permit cancellation process for employers.

Changes to the work permit (Notifikasi) cancellation process were first announced in 2018 but the process to follow was unclear until now. MOM has now provided information on when to cancel the Notifikasi and instructions for the employer on completing the cancellation process.

The employer’s part of the Notifisaki cancellation process begins when the employee finishes his or her part of the cancellation process. The employee can cancel his or her work permit in country through the EPO process or through an out-of-country (ERP) cancellation process. Then, the employer must complete the stay permit (ITAS) cancellation process. Finally, employers must complete the work permit cancellation process electronically through their TKA Online account. All relevant supporting documents must be submitted to complete the work permit cancellation.

Employers should use the new process to cancel work permits moving forward. Otherwise, their work permit application approvals may be delayed, as MOM requires the work permit cancellation process to be completed before it evaluates new applications.

Employers should note that a work permit must be cancelled for all foreign employees who have ended their employment in Indonesia. The work permit must be cancelled within one week of the employee’s last day of notice or within one day of the work permit’s expiration.