Permission from Immigration Department Required for Travel While Applications Pending

October 29, 2019 | Chile

Effective immediately, foreign nationals who plan to leave Chile while a new or renewal visa or residence application is in process are required to apply to the Immigration Department for permission to travel. 

To obtain the permission, the foreign national must file a request with the Immigration Department by email five business days or more before their planned travel. The following documents must be attached:

  • Filing receipt for the pending application (electronic receipt if application was filed online or mail/courier delivery receipt if a paper application was filed);
  • Evidence of flight or other international transit purchase; and
  • Support letter explaining the need for travel permission

The processing time for the travel permission is not yet known.


Current law technically requires foreign nationals who wish to travel outside of Chile while their applications are pending to wait for a visa-in-process or residence-in process certificate from the Immigration Department. However, it is taking four to five months for these documents to be processed, up from 30-45 business days before August 2018, when appointments became required for all immigration filings. 

In recent months, foreign nationals with visa or residence applications in process have been allowed to leave Chile by presenting the original courier delivery receipt for the application to the immigration authorities in lieu of an in-process certificate. This will no longer be allowed and travelers with such applications pending will need to request permission to travel, as described above.