The below provides a high level summary of immigration requirements for Afghanistan. Whether a traveler may enter as a business visitor or requires a work permit depends on the traveler's nationality, duration of stay and activities in the country.

Allowable Activities

  • Attending business meetings and discussions
  • Attending conferences and seminars as an unpaid participant
  • Negotiating and signing contracts

Basic Requirements

To be considered a business visitor, the foreign national must:

  • Have a visa invitation number from the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Schedule a business meeting visa appointment at an Afghan consulate
  • Complete a visa application form

Maximum Period Stay

The maximum amount of time a business visitor is typically admitted is 30 days. The stay can be extended in country for an additional 30 days. Note that Afghan business meeting visas are single entry--only one trip is permitted per visa.

Work Permit Types

The most common work permit types in Afghanistan are the BSA/SOFA Contractor Work Visa, the Highly Skilled Work Permit and the Upon Arrival Visa.

Maximum Period Stay

The maximum initial stay for both the BSA/SOFA Contractor Work Visa and the Highly Skilled Work Permit is one year. Both are renewable.