The below provides a high level summary of immigration requirements for Bolivia. Whether a traveler may enter as a business visitor or requires a work permit depends on the traveler's nationality, duration of stay and activities in the country.

Allowable Activities

  • Attend business meetings and discussions
  • Attend conferences
  • Repairs and maintenance

Basic Requirements

To be considered a business visitor, the foreign national must show:

  • Proof of medical insurance that will be valid in Bolivia
  • Proof of sufficient funds for trip in the form of bank statements
  • An introduction letter stating the purpose of the trip, the dates of travel, and that the expenses will be covered by the home or hosting company

Maximum Period Stay

For stays of up to 30 days, it is best to obtain a Short-Term Visa (STV) from a Bolivian consulate. The maximum cumulative stay permitted under an STV per calendar year is 180 days. However, for individual stays of 31-180 days, a Short-Term Authorization is typically used.

Work Permit Types

The most common work permit types in Bolivia are the Short-Term Authorization and the Temporary Residence.

Maximum Period Stay

The maximum stay under the Short-Term Authorization is 180 days while the maximum stay under the Temporary Residence is three years.