The below provides a high level summary of immigration requirements for France. Whether a traveler may enter as a business visitor or requires a work permit depends on the traveler's nationality, duration of stay and activities in the country.

Allowable Activities

  • Attend meetings (that are not solely for the benefit of the French Company or connected to billable activities)  
  • Attend a conference or seminar as a participant. Participants cannot be paid or compensated to attend. 
  • Conduct a feasibility study for setting up a business in France 

Basic Requirements

To be considered a business visitor, the foreign national must show:

  • Valid passport issued less than 10 years ago and still valid 3 months after expected return
  • Proof of return or onward travel arrangements
  • Adequate funds to support and accommodate oneself without recourse to public funds or local employment

Maximum Period Stay

The maximum allowable stay in Schengen countries as a business visitor is 90 days cumulatively for all member countries within any 180-day period.

Work Permit Types

The main work permit types in France are the Salarié en Mission permit (under the Talent Passport regime), the Salarié Détaché Intracompany Transfer (ICT) Permit, the Foreign Service Providers permit, and the Short-Term Foreign Service Providers permit. There are also several other commonly used categories under the Talent Passport regime.

Maximum Period Stay

Maximum initial stays range from 90 days to four years depending on the work permit type.