The below provides a high level summary of immigration requirements for Hungary. Whether a traveler may enter as a business visitor or requires a work permit depends on the traveler's nationality, duration of stay and activities in the country.

Allowable Activities

  • Attending business meetings and discussions, including negotiations
  • Attending a conference, seminar, auction, exhibition or other commercial event as an attendee
  • Making sales calls to potential clients if representing an entity outside of Hungary

Basic Requirements

To be considered a business visitor, the foreign national must show:

  • A letter from their insurance company stating the applicant will be covered for at least $37,000 during stay in Europe for any medical and repatriation expenses, or travel medical insurance in amount of at least $37,000
  • Financial coverage documents which may consist of an original income certificate from the employer, a bank account statement from the last 3 months, or a pension slip
  • Valid round-trip flight itinerary and accommodation information (e.g., hotel reservation, lease agreement)

Maximum Period Stay

The maximum allowable stay in Schengen countries as a business visitor is 90 days cumulatively for all member countries within any 180-day period.

Work Permit Types

The two main categories for work permits in Hungary are the Combined Work and Residence Permit and the Temporary Work Permit.

Maximum Period Stay

Depending on the work permit, the maximum period of stay can range from 90 days to two years. The Combined Work and Residence Permit can be renewed.