The below provides a high level summary of immigration requirements for Thailand. Whether a traveler may enter as a business visitor or requires a work permit depends on the traveler's nationality, duration of stay and activities in the country.

Allowable Activities

  • Engaging in look/see and orientation activities prior to taking up a new position in Thailand
  • Visiting businesses or attending business meetings/discussions
  • Attending, organizing, setting up, participating in, speaking at or presenting at a conference, seminar, workshop or training

Basic Requirements

To be considered a business visitor, the foreign national must show:

  • That the purpose of the visit is limited, specific and determined prior to applying
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months past the date of intended exit from Thailand 
  • Additional documents may be requested.

Maximum Period Stay

Up to 90 days  Note that although the Business Visa is granted for 90 days, it is usually granted for a single entry only. Should the applicant wish to travel out of and return to Thailand during the 90-day period, the applicant must apply for an interim Re-entry Permit before departure.

Work Permit Types

The two main categories of work permits are the Urgent Work Permit and the Work Permit.

Maximum Period Stay

The maximum initial period of stay ranges from 15 days to 2 years, depending on the work permit type.