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Updated: June 1, 2020

** April 23, 2020: As anticipated, on Wednesday April 22, President Trump signed an Executive Proclamation barring some immigration into the United States.
The order is motivated by the administration’s purported desire to protect American jobs during the economic recovery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Despite the president’s initial suggestions, the order falls short of banning legal immigration.

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U.S. Government Resources:


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U.S. COVID-19 Alerts:

USCIS To Gradually Reopen Select Offices and Resume Non-Emergency Public Services Next Week (May 28)

USCIS Requests Emergency Funding from Congress Due to COVID-10 (May 26)

US Restricts Travelers from Brazil Due to COVID-19 (May 26)

USCIS Further Extends Flexibilities for Responses to Agency Requests (May 12)

FY 2021 Diversity Visa Lottery Results Postponed for COVID-19 (May 4)

USCIS Extends Eligibility for I-9 Identity Documentation Due to COVID-19 (May 4)

Federal Court Upholds Trump Administration’s Temporary Immigration Ban (May 4)

USCIS Announces Intention to Reopen on June 4 (April 27)

State Department Limits Passport Operations Due to COVID-19 (April 20)

State Department Provides Critical Visa Services During COVID-19 Pandemic (April 20)

Extension Permitted for Visa Waiver Travelers Due to COVID-19 (April 20)

USCIS Extends Field Office and Application Support Center Closures Through May 3rd (April 7)

USCIS Adopts Flexible Policies for NOIDs and RFEs (March 31)

PERM Labor Certifications Issued Electronically due to COVID-19 (March 31)

USCIS Extends Office Closures Through April 7 (March 26)

DHS Eases In-Person Requirements for Form I-9 Compliance (March 24)

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