Client Satisfaction

Rated Tops for Legal Advice & Communications

We survey clients about their experience, and typically 98% give us high marks (mostly 5 of 5, or “Highly Satisfied”) for important metrics like legal advice and responsiveness.  On the rare occasion when we don’t achieve top marks, which is usually less than one case a month, we proactively reach out to learn how we can get closer to perfection.

10X Success

U.S. H-1B Cases Won vs. the National Average

U.S. Denial Rates for H-1Bs, the go-to visa for tech talent, have tripled over the last two years, making immigration expertise even more critical to be able to attract and retain global talent. Pearl’s dedicated teams work tirelessly and employ the best strategies to get to yes. Our 98.9% Actual Success Rate* speaks volumes!



80+ NPS Score

World-Class Employee Experience

Pearl’s relentless focus on the employee experience shows in our net promoter score. With 70+ considered to be a world-class result, law firms on average top out at 25 on this recognized gold standard for measuring customer loyalty for businesses of all types. Consistently scoring above 80, our clients overwhelmingly would recommend Pearl (and often do!) to a friend or colleague.

"What I value most is their knowledge, quickness to respond and their patience, sweetness, kindness and attitude when answering any question…Amazing team.  Amazing people!"

Daniel S., Emulation Lead Application Engineer

"When I met over the phone with my Pearl attorney, I immediately knew I would be in good hands. I really appreciated her knowledge, expertise, and most importantly her advice. The team took the timing of my case seriously and provided good counsel."

Para K., Clinical Implementation Consultant

"The Pearl team is always one step ahead. They communicate every minute details and never miss even smallest inputs provided. Team members consistently clear queries and never leave any gray area. I’ve never seen any legal team which is so dedicated and knowledgeable."

Prashant B., Senior QA R&D

"The Pearl team who handled my H-1B transfer is very professional, and they provided immigration service with great quality. They respected my thoughts and suggestions… I’m looking forward to working with them again."

Christina Z., Consumer Research & Analytics Analyst

"My I-140 application felt as a very easy process because of the Pearl involvement. I wish my PERM was also filed by Pearl so that I could get the best result, but unfortunately it was done by the previous law firm."

Ajo J, Technical Account Manager

"I like how Pearl people care about the cases and follow up on a very careful and organized schedule. I was confident they were on top of everything all the time. Also, they were always available for on-demand meetings and questions."

Amin F., Lead Software Engineer

"The Pearl team is simply the best. My wife and I have worked with 3 other firms in the past, but Pearl is hands down our favorite."

Tushar B., Director Solutions Engineering

"We would have been lost without our Pearl attorney. He was always there for us in the darkest hours. We couldn’t be more grateful for his devotion to his clients."

Veronica A., Senior Director Professional Services

"I highly value their competency, responsiveness and their web portal. One technical detail that I valued a lot was that personal information that I once entered translates over between different VISA petitions. This saved me quite a lot of time."

Martin V., Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"Pearl provided me with excellent service for my TN, H-1B, and Green Card applications. They provided me peace of mind, which is priceless!!"

James L., Director Global Real Estate

"My team at Pearl is extraordinary in what they do. I never had to wait for a few hours to get the right answer. They advised me on various fronts and gave me proper guidance. The difference between them and the previous company is day and night."

Praveen R., Principal Cloud Architect